Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Diverse Results from Rationalism Project Survey

Josh and I created a Google Forms survey to get a sense of how the students felt about the collaborative project after it was completed.  When I checked the results of the survey, there were 140 responses, nearly all of the students.  Most of the students rated their experience based on working with a partner as good.  86% of the students responded that the use of technologies such as Google Docs and Email as tools to complete the project was effective.  Various forms of communication were used to communicate between partners.  I was surprised to see that cell phone calls only accounted for 3% of the students, while Facebook accounted for 24%, and Other accounted for 69%.  Only 1% of students polled found the Rationalism Project to be not effective in teaching the qualities of the American Rationalism Period.  The suggestions of what to change in the project ranged from changing nothing to changing the project so it was not a partner project and was only done in class.  Overall, I feel the project was a success in more ways than we imagined.  While we learned a few things that need to be done in order for the project to run smoother, I personally am very pleased with the way things worked out in our first collaborative inter-school effort.  The summary follows:

140 responses

Teacher's Last Name
Rate your experience based on working with a partner.
awesome - everything went well and communication between partners went smoothly
good - everything went well and communication between partners was effective with few issues
okay - the project was completed as a team and communication between partners took place but it was a struggle
bad - the project was completed with little assistance from your partner and communication between partners was a problem
horrible - the project was not completed as a team and there was little to no communication between partners
Rate the use of technologies such as Google Docs and Email as tools to complete the Rationalism Project.
not effective
Check other forms of digital communication that were made outside of class.
My Space
Cell Phone Call
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.
Rate the effectiveness of the Rationalism Project in teaching you the qualites of the American Rationalism Period.
very effective
somewhat effective
not effective
If you could change one part of the project what would it be? Why?
It was very hard to get things done and communicate with my partners when everyone does things last minute or not at all. I think maybe we should have had a deadline for each virtue, so that everyone did everything at the same time and not right before the whole project was due. I would change nothing because it was so AWESOME.choose your partners. that way you know that the partner you choose is actually going to put effort into the project so that you are not doing it completely by yourself. I would just do it in class. Working with another school did not help this project out at all.I ...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Google Moderator

I just ran across Google Moderator.  It appears to be a great tool for students to present questions that they would like the teacher to address during class.  Class time is never long enough to address all the questions that students have - nor do students always think of their questions during class.  I set up a Google Moderator series for American Literature - Rationalism Period.  I sent the students an email asking them to post questions that they have regarding the Rationalism Period.  Google Moderator not only allows the students to present questions, but it also allows them to vote on questions that they think are important.  This tool will allow me to address the most popular questions first.  I'm looking forward to using the tool - in theory, it should be an effective way to give everyone in class a voice.