Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Introduction of Speech Class Reflection Video Blogging

 As I contemplate the use of 21st Century Tools and the Speech class using these tools to communicate, I continue to ask how eager students are to try using tools that others may shy away from. For some, video speeches are just as intense as speaking in front of a crowd. For others, it seems to be a natural form of progression for expressing thoughts. I am intrigued at how naturally some students have transitioned to vlogging from blogging. Some created their first vlog in one take, while others took clips from multiple takes and edited them together to create a cohesive thought.

As you view the video, bear with me as my voice is raspy from some asthma symptoms. On a side note, I think all of my future videos will be created using my iPad instead of my laptop cam - I like the quality on the iPad much better.

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