Monday, August 19, 2013

Taking on a New Role in Education

Each of the toughest decisions that I have had to make involved going outside of my comfort zone. My most recent decision has been not only a life changing decision, but a career changing decision. While my passion for being a teacher in the classroom has been the driving force in my life, I have taken on a new role in education - that of Instructional Technology Coordinator for Pleasant Plains schools. As school started this past week, I missed preparing my classroom, greeting students as they entered my classroom, and (quite honestly) having a classroom.

A lot of people have asked me why I decided on the role change, some hypothesizing that I didn't like teaching any more. On the contrary, I love teaching. I also want to make the biggest impact that I can make. As a 21st Century Educator, I continually strive for self-improvement. I continually strive to prepare students to be successful after high school. I can help the greatest number of students by helping other teachers to provide a 21st Century education. While I will not have a specific set of "my kids," I have realized that I am going to now share all of the teachers' students with them.

The next question that I typically get asked is "what does an Integration Technology Coordinator do?" Our district Technology Director, Mike Squires, will continue to maintain the network and take care of hardware needs. I will work with teachers and students to integrate technology into the lesson to improve student learning and understanding. I will be part of the support system that teachers need in order to be risk-takers in their classrooms, to try new technology tools with the understanding that they are not alone. I will team up with teachers to implement new ways of teaching that aligns with our students' ways of learning.

While part of my role is to team up with teachers, another part of my role is to team up with students. Students use various forms of technology to socialize, inform themselves, and learn outside of school. We need to find ways for students to continue these skills in their formal learning and to become responsible digital citizens - aware of the impression their posts make and pride in the reflection of themselves represented in their online work and personas.

I look forward to teaming up with teachers, students, parents, administrators, and the community to better prepare our students for the 21st Century.


  1. I'm excited that we have been able to focus your superb technology skills, leverage your relationships with staff and students, as well as bringing your teaching and leadership skills to a position that will yield the GREATEST POSITIVE IMPACT on all of the learners in PPCUSD8.

  2. Hi Mr. Langley (it would really be weird for me to call you anything else). It's Sean Mullins, a former student, and current instructional technology coach for the Unit 5 school district in Normal Il. I'd love to chat about your new job, as I started mine last year, and I'm sure we share many philosophies, interests, and challenges. We are currently working through a 1:1 technology initiative that is as exciting as it is daunting. I always wonder what my district is doing with technology, and I would love to chat about it sometime. You can reach me through Facebook, or our instructional technology blog ( Good luck, it's an awesome job with the amazing ability to unlock student potential.